• 10 Years of Milestone Life Coaching and Consultancy

    It has been 10 years since Milestone Life Coaching and Consultancy 'opened its doors.' June 2011 was the beginning of a wonderful journey full of growth, gratitude and personal reflection. I have learned a great deal, I have been impacted by so many different people, I have been humbled by people's resilience, their humility, and their courage.

    I recall a series of conversations some 13 years ago when I initially discussed with my wife the idea that I had that I wanted to begin training as a Life Coach, I can picture in my mind's eye the exact location (at the kitchen bench of an upstairs kitchen (that does not exist anymore)) in our house that we still live in these 13 years later. My wife was very supportive and affirming of the idea - 'you'd be good at that' she said, without hesitation. And so began the journey.

    My studies in Life Coaching were through the Life Coaching Institute www.lcia.com.au. Over a period of some 18 months, I engaged again in the tough road of part-time, remote learning and study. The learning materials were high quality, practical and insightful. The Life Coaching content supplemented and synergized well with my other qualifications and experience.

    On becoming qualified, I registered my business name, registered my domain name, set up my website, established a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MilestoneLifeCoachingandConsultancy) wrote my business plan, and took an initial step forward. I have not looked back since.

    One of the things that impacted me greatly in those early years was the empathy and support that other business owners showed me. They knew the journey I was on (they had been on a similar journey), they knew that it was hard; but they knew it was worth it (I now agree). The generosity of spirit that I was shown was incredibly humbling. I'll never forget it. I do my best now to share that same spirit of generosity with others that I support as they commence their business journey.

    We are truly 'better together.'

    Over these past 10 years I have partnered with many wonderful organisations in delivering 'strategic planning', professional reviews, and other consultancies.

    I have supported a wonderful list of individuals who have trusted me and been vulnerable enough to engage me as their life coach.

    I have been able to give back to my community through sponsorships, donations and other means.

    I have been reflecting in recent times over these past 10 years. So much to think about, to be encouraged by, to share...


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