• 10 Years reflection series # 1: If you're stuck, change your focus

    5 November at 17:29 from atlas

    10 years ago I commenced the journey establishing Milestone Life Coaching and Consultancy. Here's the first of my '10 years over 10 weeks in (roughly) 10 sentences' series designed as a celebration and reflection of the 10 years of support and service to so many wonderful and courageous individuals and organisations who I am so grateful to be able to call my clients.

    1.  If you're stuck - change your focus (focus image)

    If you sometimes feel as though you're caught in life's quicksand, you have a lot of company. We work, we struggle, we try to do everything we possibly can to move on to a higher level of well-being but it seems like the harder we work, the more stuck we get.

    Yes, we need to set goals, lay out plans and then do those things we need to do so that we can make some progress toward our goals. We need to demonstrate personal financial responsibility, plan for retirement etc

    However, what frequently happens is that we become so over-focused on ourselves and our own personal well-being that we wind up building huge walls. We lose the ability - or even the desire - to see the bigger picture and the possibilities that life presents to us.  We become victims to ourselves. We sometimes just become so busy being busy that we lose track of where we thought we wanted our lives to wind up in the first place.

    One possible solution is to change our focus from "me" to "others". From being the receiver to being the giver.

    Think about the people - the individuals who will be better off, healthier or happier because of what you do. Think about how you are giving of your time and talents so that others will profit in some way from your efforts. Think about how your activities can be viewed as 'service' to others.

    When we change our focus from "me" to "others", our work - the things we do every day - starts taking on a new significance. We are now a giver. Our life is more meaningful. We know that what we do is truly important to someone else.


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