• 10 Years reflection series # 2: Practice optimism

    12 November at 17:44 from atlas

    1.  Practice optimism

    "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty "

    - Winston Churchill

    According to the world's foremost expert on optimism, Dr. Martin Seligman, everyone is born optimistic.  And yet, 95% of grownups are pessimists, not optimists.  What goes wrong? 

    Most people tend to be an optimist sometimes and a pessimist other times.  Ironically, a lot of times things turn out according to how we feel about the situation.  If a person feels like something will go well or feels optimistic about it, it usually seems to go well. The same is true of the reverse. 

    An optimist prefers, and chooses, to think more positively.  They focus on what they really want, not what might happen to them.

    Think about the following statements:

    Optimists achieve their goals because they never give up

    Optimists attract success naturally

    Optimists are happier, healthier and more energetic than pessimists

    Optimists are easier to be around, inspiring people around to be positive

    Optimists live longer and suffer from fewer and less severe diseases

    Optimists lead a higher quality of life.

    Now true optimism is not sitting back, thinking positive thoughts, and hoping everything will turn out all right.  It's how you see the world, positively rather than negatively.  You face each situation, each problem, and each occasion with a positive attitude; and you always look forward to the "benefits" you will derive from it. You have a choice.  "Change your thoughts and change your world," said Norman Vincent Peale.

    If you choose optimism, you're empowering yourself to see the positive side of each challenge, seeing the good in people, helping them to see the good in life too.  Taking action to further improve your own life, and living happily with friends and family who care about you.  Attracting all good to yourself. Choosing to be more optimistic and positive does not mean you won't encounter difficult times, trauma, loss and many challenges.  What it does mean is that you will have more power on your side to help you through those tough times.  You'll learn to be proactive, instead of reactive.

    You can learn how to use your thoughts to change your attitude and emotions. Improving your optimism rates is one of the most important actions you can take to improve your life.  It doesn't come automatically, though.  It takes effort. It takes deliberate, conscious awareness of your thoughts and feelings.  And then acting on that awareness.

    Practice your 'positive thinking' and your 'positive feeling'.  Give yourself permission to think new thoughts and feel new feelings.

    You can be as optimistic as you want.

    So I would say to you: Be Optimistic!  Expect the best out of life!  Think and Act Optimistically.


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