• Milestone Life Coaching and Consultancy is now an authorised Conflict Management Coach

    12 January at 16:17 from atlas

    Authorised by Cinergy Coaching http://goo.gl/OeVDq3 Milestone Life Coaching and Consultancy is now authorised to offer conflict Management Coaching to its clients. 

    What conflict management coaching is:

    Conflict management coaching is a specific approach to coaching which offers a one-on-one process in which a trained conflict coach helps individuals gain increased ability to manage their interpersonal conflicts and disputes.  It is a voluntary and confidential process that focuses on each individual's conflict management goals.  Conflict management coaching is not therapy or counselling.

    This specialized coaching framework may be used before conflict arises (when it is anticipated), while going through a dispute, or after a conflict when resilience may be low and residual negativity lingers.


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