• New program released - Your Best Year Yet

    13 January at 10:14 from atlas

    Milestone Life Coaching is offering a special package of supports in 2016.

    These packages have been developed to work alongside you and keep you focussed, engaged, motivated and accountable.

    You might like to buy one of the packages for yourself or for a family member, friend or employee.

    To make 2016 your best year yet, simply send an email with 'My Best Year Yet' in the subject line to: mailto:answers@milestonelifecoachingandconsultancy.com.au

    These packages represent great value and can be tailored to you and your circumstances. If you are tired of not achieving what you set out to achieve year on year - try something different and make 2016 Your Best Year Yet.

    Package details can be accessed here: http://goo.gl/g89Sfi

    Don't let 2016 slip by - do something different!

    If we want different results we need to do something different!


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